Student Voice secure commitment to full consultation over new School proposals.

 On the 6th November the new Student Council met with officials from RCTCBC to look at the proposed changes that will take effect in 2018. Under the proposed plans, Tonypandy Community College will close and a new re modelled 3-16 school will be built.

Students raised a number of concerns around safety of younger children, overcrowding, transport and behaviour.


Council officials re assured the students that the new school would be built in such a way as to ensure the safety of all students, providing separate environments for primary and secondary students within the same building.

  Students requested that they be given time to meet with children from the primary schools under threat of closure in order that they can gain the views of all those affected by the proposed changes.


Andrea Richards, from Rhondda Borough Council pledged to return and hear the views od the combined groups in January, she also offered the use of tablets to aid the consultation process.