Learning and Teaching



The hour that students spend with their teacher is the most important part of their day.  The experience of that lesson, the pace of learning, the progress that they make and the way in which they will progress is of paramount importance to ensure that all students reach their fullest potential.


The lesson map above gives students a clear indication of what they should expect in every lesson.  All lessons will be challenging, meaningful and support significant progress.


Homework and revision form a vital component of students’ progression and are integral to their achievement.  Homework will come in many forms including research activities, reading, reflection and preparation.  The amount of homework students complete per evening ranges from approx. 1hour in Year 7 moving to 2 hours in Key Stage 4.


We are currently in the process of developing a ‘Help with Homework’ section for parents.


The College library is open before and after school each day with lunchtime for Key Stage 3 to support them with their homework.