On 19th March 2015, 8 of our More Able students participated in the national BBC Young Reporters challenge. Over a three week period, the pupils were introduced to the world of journalism, utilising their literacy and numeracy skills, team building, leadership and organisational qualities.

The pupils worked through their lunch breaks, and at home, to research and create articles, producing their first report with the Plaid Cymru AM, Leanne Wood, on Friday 13th March 2015. During this meeting, the pupils were given advice by a BBC Welsh news camera man and the Director for Speakers for Schools, Ashley Hodges. All parties involved with working with the pupils commented on how well organised and behaved the pupils were and Leanne Wood has asked to come back and work with them on a new project for the future.

On the school report day, the pupils spent the whole day filming and recording their work. They were guided and advised by Paul Leyshon, the director and cameraman of ‘A Place in the Sun’ for Channel 4. The pupils explored whether young people are being exploited by the soft drinks industry and researched the topic, endeavouring to present a non biased news report based on the research, interviews with adults and teenagers and statistics that they had gathered.

The pupils filmed on location and got permission from Valley Kids to film in The Pop Factory in Porth and enjoyed a tour of the building further enhancing their understanding of the soft drinks industry and the positive role it had on their local community.


Even the fire alarm didn’t stop our intrepid reporters and they completed their filming just in time for the BBC to phone them to discuss how they had found the day.IMG_2954 IMG_2969 IMG_2980