To all those affected by the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower,
Recently, in our English lessons, we learned about the terrible event that affected your whole community at Grenfell.
We were extremely sorry and saddened to hear about what happened to the people of London, but have have been so touched at how people in your local community have come together to support the residents of Grenfell.
It is inspiring that so many people continue to show love, affection and support to all. We understand that people are angry, grieving and upset, but we have been so amazed by how you have stood by one another.
On the news, it shows how so many mosques, temples and churches are coming together to collect clothing, bedding, toys, food and drink to help everyone because everyone needs that helping hand and it’s so heart-warming to give these gifts to those people who no longer have these things; to those who need it most. This shows how people want to stand together; to be part of the efforts to fight devastation and is something we should all strive to achieve.
Stories of heroic, selfless and courageous fire-fighters have highlighted to us how dependent we are on the emergency services. We are so grateful to them and their bravery is something we aspire to. Even when they must have felt terrified, exhausted or even helpless, they continued to fight to save lives and this is something that needs the upmost recognition.
Sadly, this is not the first catastrophic and distressing event that 2017 has had to cope with. There have been many upsetting and terrible events across the news recently. It’s one after another: as soon as we think it can’t get any worse, it does.
This type of thing can drive people mad, and can lead people to put the blame on religions or nationality, particularly in light of terrorist attacks. We think the terrorists want us to hate each other, and to drive each other apart, our hate for them is exactly what they want. They want people to fear them, for us to not trust each other.
We think the only way we can stop them is to not let them get in our way, to show that we are not afraid and that we can live our lives without fear. The best way to handle these situations is to stay strong, to show that we can’t be broken, no matter what happens. We believe anger is not the answer; to show people love is the best way to stay strong.
The best way to counteract this hate, is to be positive and to show charity to people in need. People have been left without families or homes, the thing they need the most is love and charity, rather than hate. Hate or revenge doesn’t cause any of the victims to feel any better.
We cannot even imagine the loss that you have suffered but hope that we can help in some way; we hope that our donation will give back to the people of London. You are always in our thoughts at the moment, and you have all our support as you try to recover from these horrific events. You have shown how powerful love can be, and how one day, we can conquer this hate.
From the students of Year 9, Tonypandy Community College