africa5This October, after months of fundraising, six years 12 and 13 students from the Sporting Marvels’ Allstar Academy went on the trip of a lifetime to Tanzania.

 For two weeks, the group (made up of Chelsea Martin, Kate Tyler, Joseph Couch, Abi Jones, Tamsin Jones and Ian Smith, along with Sporting Marvels Becky and Chris) visited schools and orphanages throughout Tanzania doing sports coaching and running fun sports days. They also took medical supplies, clothes, stationary, toys and many other provisions that were a great source of help and enjoyment to the children there.  An amazing time was had by all and, cheesy as it sounds, the experience was undoubtedly life changing. From trying new food, to a new language, it was unbelievable just how completely different Tanzania could be to here, and the group soon learned to expect the unexpected and prepare for absolutely everything!

The group recommends that anyone who has an opportunity like this should definitely take it. They would also like to thank anyone who helped them get there by buying cakes and taking part in the ‘Africa Cup of Nation’s’ tournament.