Tonypandy Community College is extremely proud that one of their former students, Emma Cope has been awarded a very prestigious PhD research scholarship at the University of Cardiff following successfully obtaining a BSc in Biochemistry.  As a result of her excellent results she was offered the scholarship to conduct research into Alzheimer’s. This research is at the cutting edge of the quest to find a cure for this very debilitating and heartbreaking disease.

 Emma from Penygraig was a valued pupil at the College, a Head Girl,  who contributed greatly not only whilst attending the school but after she left for University. Emma was involved in many projects during her time atTonypandy and after leaving, having attained four “A” levels, she still attended school carrying out voluntary work, she has been a tremendous role model and ambassador for the school.

 Emma has worked extremely hard to reach this point in her life and is proud to be involved in such life enhancing research. Emma said “I am so fortunate to be involved in such important research and that I can share some of my experiences with the present pupils in the College, I couldn’t have done it without you”. Mrs O’Sullivan the Head said, “We are extremely proud of Emma’s achievements and we know she will succeed in making a difference to the quality of people lives”.