Congratulations to Tonypandy Community College student Erin Davey on gaining her Black Belt in Karate.

Read on for Erin’s account of her big day

Recently I accomplished my 1st Dan (Black belt) in Sho Shin Do Karate Kai. On the day of my grading both me and my friend Morgan were  nervous and but I couldn’t wait to get my belt.

In order for me to achieve the belt I had to do a range of different moves. I had to work hard and be focused all the time, my grading was for about 4 hours and I had about 5mins break every hour. I had to do all of my Katas, a kata is a routine of different blocks, kicks and punches. I also had to do a routine called “too man set” it is when you are with a partner and the one person is attacking and the other is defending. At the end I had to Spar with everyone sparing is mock fighting.

I was very tired after it but when I got awarded with my belt I was very proud of myself. It was very exhausting but I am very proud of my self and so was my family and friends. I would urge anyone who wants to keep fit and have fun to do karate as it’s a brilliant experience and a part of my life.

Well done Erin we wish you every success.