On Saturday in his quest to become the British champion, Rhys met his first opponent. After wearing him down in the first round the referee stopped the fight abruptly in the second. It was an impressive display of boxing skills which meant Rhys secured his place in the final on Sunday.
The national sports centre in Sophia gardens was an impressive arena to hold the best young fighters in Wales, England and Scotland which included our very own Tonypandy Community College student Rhys Edwards. His opponent in the final, an English champion in his own right, was a taller tricky customer equally determined to take the crown. The first round was a close call, the second definitely went in Rhys’s favour and the third round was neck and neck. The result, a split decision when in favour of the English opponent. Rhys proudly claimed his Silver medal.
The motivation, dedication and preparation shown by Rhys is exemplary and is certainly a role model for others. We wish him all the best for his next fight as he is a talent to watch out for.
Congratulations Rhys
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