As part of the BTEC Business Course, students from Miss Utting and Mrs David’s year 10 group have been looking at Self-employment, what money they need, what skills they need, what business opportunities there are, what premises are needed, where to locate a business, who to employ and what laws would govern all of those decisions.

 In the last week we have had two local business men – Steve, the owner of the pink shop in Pontypridd came into school to explain the process of starting your own business and all the factors that they would need to consider. This was a light hearted presentation with a strong message about how studying and maturity would be the key to students success should they become self employed. There was also a monetary award for the first volunteer to help him – proving to students you have to take a chance when it is made available to you!

 Our second guest, was Mike from Dragon Leather who was focussing on how technology had enabled him to grow his business by attracting more customers both locally and on a global scale. It also allowed him to expand his range as people visited the site and made suggestions for other products which went on to be his biggest sellers!

 It was a though provoking day, which gave students a real insight into the opportunities and risks of being self employed and they all agreed that whilst it would be hard work and lots of worry they would love to be their own boss!