Last week saw the second visit by Keith Towler, Children Commissionaire for Wales to the College. The Commissionaire came specifically to see first-hand the great work being done with the student council supported by the Youth Empowerment Officer.

The Lottery funded post is part of Interlink Community voice project, supporting community members to have their voice heard in the issues that affect them, a post currently held by Mark Eades-Jones. Mark brings 20 years’ experience of enabling and supporting youth participation to  the College.

In the first year of the project, working alongside Emily Cook, students gained many new skills that enabled them to influence change on lots of issues.  Projects included changing the College school uniform, consulting  community members on their relationship with the school , making changes to students PE changing rooms to name but a few. Mark and the group unveiled plans to broaden the scope and influence of the students both within the College and out in the wider community over the life of the project.

Mrs Helen O’Sullivan Headteacher at the College said. “This second Children’s Commissioner visit was another resounding success. The focus for the visit was to witness the exceptional involvement of students in College life,  Once again our students were a credit to the College and their families. They demonstrated a maturity and knowledge that was overwhelming. We are all very proud of them. KeithTowler, the Commissioner was very complimentary and requested a follow up visit in Septembers which we look forward to.”

The College is the only school across Wales to have accessed Big Lottery Funding to employ a Youth Empowerment Officer to promote and support the role of students in the decision making progress.

The College has fully embraced the role of students in the Learning process and we are an example of excellence acknowledged by the Commissioner..