Tonypandy Community College has been re-categorised under the Welsh Government Categorisation Strategy to an improved grade in recognition of the vast progress made by governors, staff, students and parents alike.

The College has now risen to an amber code which displays the many improvements to have taken place over the last year.

With the highest GCSE grades A* – C in Mathematics and English announced in the history of the College last summer, it was celebrated by the country’s education network PiXL as a high achiever.

The decision was made following the school’s 18.7% increase in top results. Similar rapid progress in Key Stage 3 levels and numeracy and literacy have been recognised.

Headteacher Helen O’Sullivan said: “We are very pleased with the outcome of today’s meeting which clearly shows the major progress we are making as a College.

“Coupled with a recent Estyn report which displayed the many improvements taking place throughout the College, this is very welcomed news indeed.

“It better reflects the positioning of the College as we continually strive to ensure a first-class education for our students.”

The Welsh Government introduced new rankings for secondary and primary schools across Wales through a colour-coded scheme.

The performance of the school was determined as being either green, yellow, amber or red.

The scheme replaced the controversial ‘banding’ method for ranking secondary schools.

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