54 students from years 8 and 9 are taking part in the CREST awards scheme in science this year.  The CREST award scheme is run by the British Science association, where students complete a science project.  The projects aim to develop students’ scientific skills, while increasing their enthusiasm for science.

36 students from year 8 are taking part in the Bronze Award, investigating the Science of Flight. The students have learnt about how rockets work and the science behind paper aeroplanes. Caleb Gregory (8A1) said: “I really enjoyed making rockets and paper aeroplanes and doing the experiments was really fun.” Rebecca Acock (8A1) sums it up by saying that she “learnt loads by doing CREST and enjoyed everything about it!”

18 Students from year 9 are taking part in the Silver Award by completing a brand new project on The Human Body. The students have had the chance to see heart and lung dissections as well as carrying out various experiments to investigate how the body works. The project has really helped the students develop into excellent young scientists! Bethan Markey (9A1) has enjoyed the project. She says: “I enjoyed CREST, especially all the dissections!” One of the main aims of the project is that the students will take what they have learnt from CREST back into the classroom. Tom Foley (9A1) says: “I enjoyed developing my science skills and learning how to get higher levels in science.”

The enthusiasm and commitment the students have shown to the CREST Awards has been excellent and I would like to congratulate all students for their outstanding work throughout the project.

Mr Palmer

(Science Learning Coach)