A wonderful evening was had by all on Thursday July 7th as we bid an official farewell to our German Visitors following a very successful Exchange Week. The pupils from Ravensburg had spent all day at the College working alongside our own staff and pupils on an Eco Project, so we treated them to a wonderful Welsh Farewell. Ravensburg and Tonypandy students sat together amongst the staff and volunteers, developing their new friendships. The celebrations began with a delicious meal of Leak and Potato Soup, a Welsh Beef Roast Dinner with all the trimmings and a selection of desserts. All three courses were prepared and cooked on site by Head Chef Ceri Collins and her team of helpers. As dessert was being served the first part of the entertainment began, with a performance by our new Rock School group. Jack Barrowcliffe, Marc Bees, Gareth Chidzey, Kurt Jones, Jordan Bowen and Bradley Dickinson sang songs by the Stereophonics and Nirvana. After dessert had been eaten and the tables had been cleared, the cultural part of the evening took place. Mrs Cruickshank and her four student volunteers gave a presentation on Welsh traditions and the Eisteddfod, followed by the award winning performance of “Warwick Avenue” by Laura Flook. In return all of the Ravensburg students took to the stage to sing a song that is native to their local area. To start the formal part of the evening, the Headteacher Mrs O’Sullivan stood to thank them and give a speech to present the German staff with gifts and a Red Dragon model to the students. A thank you speech was then made in return by the German teacher Eva, who presented a thank you gift to the school. The evenings entertainment further continued with incredible performances from Rochelle Embling and Laura Flook, accompanied by a band comprising of Josh Embling, Kyle Povey and Shane Morgans. Hits such as “Firework” and “Use Somebody” had students and teachers cheering and dancing in front of the stage. To finish off the evening street dance group “Cap’jed” gave an outstanding performance to a mix of songs.