E3+ Starts back on Monday 16th September and will run until Friday 6th December. Sessions run from 3pm – 4.30pm with free transport home to all our catchment areas, leaving the turning circle at 4.40pm every day. For more information, go to the Community Room. Sign up for activities will begin on Monday 9th September at break times and lunch times.


Duke of Edinburgh returns through e3+


The E3+ team are happy to announce that we will be running the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award this year with a group of 20 year 10 students. Miss Brown (maths) will be leading the group with the assistance of Miss Emily Cook, our new Youth Empowerment Officer. The group will meet every Tuesday at 3pm to complete their tasks and prepare for the end of year expeditions. If any students would like more information about the award please see Laith in the Community Room.


New School Year, New e3+ activities


Cake Decorating

We are delighted to welcome Penrhys Partnership to Tonypandy e3+ who will be delivering a ‘Cake Decorating’ class every Tuesday as part of the Autumn e3+ programme. Cake decorating has become a rather big deal in mainstream life from TV shows dedicated to cake decorating contests to celebrity chefs who specialise in the field, so were anticipating a lot of demand for places! Sign up early to make sure you get your space!



After many requests for a Minecraft club, the e3+ team were keen to explore what exactly ‘Minecraft’ is all about. After working closely with the colleges IT team, we found out that Minecraft is less a game, and more an impressive toolset that throws players into a world and allows them to build (or destroy) wonderful things. It allows you to use your imagination with very little restriction on what you wish to accomplish, and a quick search online shows that it can have great educational outcomes, something vital in the constant push for improved numeracy and literacy levels. As a result, we are going to pilot a Minecraft session every Tuesday at 3pm.


Summer Holiday Review

Over the summer holidays, e3+ held a wide range of activities culminating in a trip to OakwoodPark. A new approach was taken where young people would have to attend at least one holiday activity before being given a space on the Oakwood excursion. This resulted in fantastic attendance of all activities held,