Leighton Andrews Education Minister and Councillor Eudine Hannaghan visited Tonypandy Community College on Friday 12th October 2012 to observe the impact that the College’s innovative strategy of issuing Android Tablets to year groups 10 & 11 was having on standards.

The College have placed themselves at the “cutting edge” of ICT by taking this very innovative step.  It is the first Secondary School in Wales to embrace ICT to such a high level.

The minister observed students using the Andriod Tablets as effective learning tools in a Welsh Baccaluareate, English & Maths lessons.  Students demonstrated how they used a range of “Aps” to support them in their learning, students told the minister

“the tablets have helped me organise myself and complete work to a higher standard”

“I can now complete all my homework on time and never forget it because it is on the tablet”

“We love them, they will help us to get better grades”

Leighton Andrews said

I was impressed by the initiative which Tonypandy Community College has taken in rolling out Android tablets to Year 10 & Year 11 pupils. It was clear that young people were using these for study at home and in school. New technology is important in all kinds of jobs and will be a real boost to learning.”

Head teacher Mrs Helen O’Sullivan stated that

“The tablets have only been in place for five weeks, it is early days but we are impressed by the students and the way they have managed the tablets.  They are using them in all lessons”.

“We are delighted with the students who are creatively using the tablets to support them in their preparation for external exams”.