During the few weeks running up to the Eisteddfod, which is being held on Saint David’s Day – 1st March 2012 – Students and staff have been very busy practicing their acts for the big day and the standard looks very good!!

Students throughout the college will also be participating in a variety of ‘off-stage’ competitions’ prior to the Eisteddfod trying to extra earn point for their house.

Students are busy creating a variety of Welsh-Themed Decorations for the Hall in Welsh lessons, in French students are creating posters highlighting similarities between Welsh, French and English words and in PE Football competitions are being held on the AstroTurf during lunch times. These are just a few of the exciting activities that students are completing in readiness for the big day.

Don’t forget that every competition whether on stage or off stage can earn, not only point for your houses, but merits for individuals too!