March the 1st has always had a special place in my heart – It’s Dydd Gwyl Dewi – Saint David’s day – A day to celebrate being Welsh, living in Wales and embracing the talent of our nation. At Tonypandy Community College that’s exactly how the students and staff spent their  Saint David’s Day – with the Eisteddfod.

The acts on stage ranged  from the traditional poetry readings, storytelling, dancing groups, singers and even a unicyclist!! Joshua Bull from 8L opened the day with his brilliant rendition of Michael Buble’s ‘Home’ and day only got better! Zoe Jones ‘wowed’ the crowd with her brilliant singing, as did Leah Hughes and Shay Mickelsen (who kept his magnificent voice a secret…until now!) Georgia Harrison ,Tia Simmonds and Hope Martin , Ffion Evans and Sophie Allen and The Dancing Ducks (Joshua Bull, Keiron Lewis and Richard Givens) left the judges with a difficult decision to make for the Year 9 groups category but Ffion and Sophie’s performance took a well deserved first place for Glas.

Video’s were shown throughout the day and 9M-FAO and 9L’s ‘Holleman Shake’ were a big hit….although so many astounding acts took to the stage that some videos did not get show. 9P’s ‘What really makes us proud to be Welsh’ and 7O’s video featuring Phoebe Shanley, Jade Powell and Connor Povey earned each house additional points for creativity and patriotism.

Dion McDonagh’s karate act was a crowd favourite as was Matthew Clapham’s unicycle show, which had the whole crowd on their feet. Teifion Thomas blew the crowds socks off with his comedy routine – which had 7C and Mr Williams roaring with laughter, but it was Megan Watts basketball ‘Eye of the Tiger’ routine that took the 1st place position.

This year a more traditional element of the Eisteddfod was introduced – The Chairing Ceremony’ or ‘Seremoni Cadeirio.’ Students from years 7-9 were all set the challenge to write a poem in Welsh on the theme of ‘Bwyd’ and one in English on the Theme of ‘Wales.’ After Mr Williams gave everyone a brief history of the ceremony ‘R.R’ aka Ruby Rosser won the chair for her poem ‘Black Gold’ and ‘Gamma’ aka Morgan Jones took the Welsh chair with his poem ‘Bwyd Parti’ – Both students received a trophy, framed poem and 200 points for their houses.

As the day drew to a close ‘Off stage competition’ results were read and it was finally announced that the winning house was COCH for the second year in a row!!  Da iawn tỳ Coch!!

With the Tonypandy Community College Eisteddfod getting bigger and better each year I can’t wait for the Eisteddfod 2014!!

Diolch a da iawn i bawb a cymerodd rhan (Thank you and well done to everyone who took part)

Miss Musgrove, Miss Pinch & Mr Childs!!

Act reviews from students


My favourite video was 9L’s ‘Holleman Shake’ because of Liam Walsh’s acting and Mr Holleman’s dancing!

By Sean Jones


My favourite act was Zoe Jones singing – she was A-MAZING!!

By Shannon Rees

I thought Ronan Hoope’s poem ‘My teacher wasn’t half as nice as yours’ was very well read and it had a lot of thought and a nice meaning too!

By Natori Newman


I think that Rachel Evans in year 8 is an amazing singer. I loved the song she chose and she hit every note perfectly. She’s got a stunning voice! I also loved Matthew Clapham on his unicycle – I’d never seen anyone on a unicycle before and he was brilliant and very fast!!Matthew Clapham has definitely got talent!!

By Georgia Jones


I watched ‘Miss John’s boys’ and it was very very comical! All of the teachers were laughing too and yoiu don’t see that very often! 😉

By Bethan Thomas


I watched Amy Hewitt telling the story of Twm Sion Cati – It was a long story but she made it entertaining and interesting all the way through.

By Sophie Allen


The Year 9 acts were all spectacular but Ffion Evans and Sophie Allen performing ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz was amazing! With Sophies vocular talent and Ffion’s guitar and harmony skills – the two were a valiant duo.

By Kirstin Owen


During the Eisteddfod Madelyn Davey from 7P sang ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perry. She sand parts of the song in Welsh which was brilliant and related to the Welsh spirit of the Eisteddfod!

By Katie Hughes


Joshua Bull, Keiron Lewis and Richard Givens put on a hilarious performance of the ‘Chicken Dance’ and no one could stop laughing! It was an outstanding performance and I would pay to watch this again!! I highly recommend this to anyone!!

By Ellie Owen

I loved Jordan Privett Owen from year 7. She was staggeringly brilliant, she had spectacular facial expressions and great courage and confidence to stand on stage and perform in front of everyone. She is a role model to Year 7 – showing them that it is not as frightening as they think to get  up on stage – showing your talent and conquering your fears!

By Steven McCabe