These words and their meanings are to be memorised and understood by all Year 10 and 11 students in preparation for the forthcoming English Language Examination.


 A text has been sent asking you to learn them by Mrs Owen.

USEFUL WORDS FOR Unit 2                                                    USEFUL WORDS FOR Unit 1 


Analyse                                                                                                Affable

Argument                                                                                            Ambiguous

Ascertain                                                                                             Ameliorate

Audience                                                                                             Anxious                                               

Colloquial                                                                                            Apprehensive

Column                                                                                                Belligerent

Connotation                                                                                        Callous

Denotes                                                                                               Catastrophic

Disappointing                                                                                      Comical

Dismissive                                                                                           Desolate

Dreary                                                                                                 Diabolical

Effective                                                                                              Electrifying

Evoke                                                                                                   Forlorn

Exaggerate                                                                                          Genius

Exceptional                                                                                         Imaginative

Facilities                                                                                              Jovial

Fascinating                                                                                          Jubilant

Infers                                                                                                   Magnificent

Implies                                                                                                 Mediocre

Impressions                                                                                         Melancholy

Perspective                                                                                         Midst

Persuade                                                                                             Monotonous

Persuasive                                                                                           Obsolete

Presentational                                                                                     Overwhelmed

Recipient                                                                                             Picturesque

Recommendation                                                                               Prestigious

Sincerely                                                                                             Ridiculously

Technique                                                                                           Seldom

Tedious                                                                                                Unsettling

Writing                                                                                                Vibrant