Design  & Technology forms an area of the curriculum that develops skills of quite a different nature from other subjects.

DSC_5168Design Technology enables students to develop their awareness of the world around them, to develop an understanding of and capability in the technological world. Instead of theoretical problem solving, design is about the creative application of science and technology to solve everyday problems.

At Tonypandy Community College, Design & Technology allows our pupils to be creative, imaginative, inspired, to be whatever they want to be. Under the guidance of our talented and experienced staff, pupils produce work of a truly outstanding standard.

The spacious and well-equipped workshops offer pupils the opportunity to fully explore design and practical activities while encompassing the principles of artistic creativity, science and ICT.

We are proud of our first-class curriculum, which has been developed to offer a solid grounding in Design & Technology. This wide-ranging subject offers genuinely inclusive opportunities for our artistic, creative, practical and scientific pupils. All our design and technologists thrive in an environment designed to harness their design and practical talents.

Key Stage 3

The aim in key stage 3 is to ensure that all pupils gain a solid foundation and grounding in Design & Technology.

Pupils often join the College with a huge variety of skills, experience and understanding of Design & Technology.

The focus is on gaining practical skills and producing high quality work, so that the pupils are well prepared for GCSE.

All student study design in years 7 to 9, completing four projects per year covering:

  • Resistant Materials
  • Graphics
  • Computer Aided Design & Manufacture
  • Food Technology
  • Textiles
  • System & Control
  • Product Design


Students build upon their Key Stage 3 learning, being provided with opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of design by applying them to everyday circumstances. Students are taught to be creative thinkers while still understanding the limits imposed by finance, materials and manufacturing processes. Students also develop their ability to manage their time carefully to produce high quality work within deadlines.

The course follows the AQA specification and has two assessed units:

Unit 1: Written Examination: A two-hour theory paper, which makes up 40% of the total assessment.

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Project: This single design and make project makes up the remaining 60% of the total assessment. Pupils are expected to select one of 12 themes, then design, develop and evaluate their ideas within a concise, 20-page A3 folder.

CAD/CAM Resources

All design courses make use of CAD/CAM where possible, students are introduced to a full package of products as they progress through the school. Corel Draw is introduced to students in year 7.

In year 8 students learn how to use Google Sketch-up and Adobe Photoshop, as students’ progress into GCSE’s they can adapt these skills to use industry standard software such as Solid Works and Pro Desktop. Many of the projects undertaken make use of our CAM equipment including the laser cutting machine.