The Art and Design Department is a thriving area of the College which allows students to express themselves creatively in a range of different medium with excellent results.


Year 7

Manga-Me self-portrait project


Explore and investigate the Japanese comic book art ‘Manga’

Understand how to use and produce tone in a variety of media

Develop manga drawing skills and techniques

Be able to develop, refine and present a final artwork in a manga style –manga self portrait

Year 8

Jon Burgerman Doodle


Understand how to use and produce tone in a variety of media

Use a variety of sources to research and select imagery for their design work

Be able to develop, refine and present a final artwork in an Artists style‐ John Burgerman

Year 9

Pop Art sweet project

Year 9’s will study the theme sweets, using their portfolio to record ideas and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques. This will be set out like a GCSE unit following the GCSE learning objectives to ensure students are ready to progress in year 10 if they take art as their option subject.


AO1 Develop their ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding.

AO2 Explore and refine their ideas through experimenting and selecting appropriate resources, media, materials, techniques and processes.

AO3 Record ideas, observations and insights relevant to their intentions in visual and/or other forms.

AO4 Present a personal, informed and meaningful response demonstrating analytical and critical understanding, realising intentions.


It is important all students in each year group:

  • present their work in a creative and exciting way
  • annotate and evaluate work by themselves and with peers
  • use the visual studies/information to develop final creative outcomes



If you enjoy Art and Design and want to develop your creative and practical skills, then you will be suited to the GCSE Art and Design Course.

The course consists of 2 Units, the Art and Design Portfolio (Coursework Project) and the Art and Design Set Task (Exam project).


Portfolio project (60% of mark)

The work for the Portfolio is completed over four terms. All students focus on a personal theme, chosen by themselves. Students consider different approaches to this theme and are encouraged to work with a wide range of media whilst developing their own personal style.

Students’ work may be a combination of 2D, 3D, photography, mixed media or textiles. This type of course will give you the opportunity to experiment with materials and try different approaches in your art work. You will learn new skills and develop further the skills you already have already learned. You will be encouraged to work independently in developing your work- we want you to be creative and explore your own thoughts and ideas!

Looking at the work of different artists is a very important part of this course. We consider many different types of art work such as sculptural pieces, print-making art, drawings, paintings and mixed media pieces.

Work for the portfolio must be completed by the end of the Autumn term of Year 11.

Exam project (40% of mark)

At the start of the Spring term in Year 11, students are given details of the Externally Set Task which is set by the examining board.  The examining board provides a list of interesting and diverse themes for students to choose from. This will be your starting point for your art work. You will then explore ideas and consider ways in which to develop your theme using the materials of your choice, experimenting and using the work of other artists to inspire you. All of this preparation work will lead you towards a final outcome which is the piece of work created under examination conditions (10 hours). This piece of work is completed at school over a 2 day period and cannot be taken home.