GCSE Product Design and allow students to further develop the skills acquired through Key Stage 3, and to develop and experience new ones using different materials, techniques and processes.

DSC_5191This is done through practical, experimental work, design folders and final models or prototypes.

The students will have opportunities to use materials, tools and equipment and ICT techniques that have not been used at KS3. Sketching skills will be developed and advice on different styles to use so that everyone has the ability to communicate ideas.

Computer Added Design and Computer Added Manufacture (CAD /CAM) is a key area of both the courses and facilities for both are very good within the department.

The staff that are offering the courses are specialists in these areas to give the students the best possible experience within these options. Anyone interested in design, practical and technology will enjoy GCSE Product Design.

Coursework is worth 60% of the marks and the examination 40%. Within the coursework, the practical is made up of 60% of the mark and the folder 40%.

There is a higher and lower tier of exams. The work is marked internally and the examiner comes in at the end of the two years to moderate the students’ work.

Students have the opportunity to continue to Year 12 and 13 to study AS and A Level in Product Design, and are prepared for further education in particular design areas. Both design courses compliment other subjects well for future employment prospects.

These subjects provide the foundation needed for careers in: Furniture Design, Architecture, Graphic Product Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Fashion Design and many more.

By studying these subjects, students will gain skills in the use of ICT, CAD, CAM, working in teams, working individually, researching products, evaluating products and work, use of tools and processes.

Further Information e.g. websites, contacts etc.

http://technologystudent.com – Ideal for research and information on projects.
http://data.org.uk – Design and technology association.


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