How do we view ESDGC at Tonypandy Community College?

• It’s the response of the education sector of the WAG to the environment and global issues facing the planet and the fact that we in Wales are using up more than our fair share of the world’s resources.

• Learning how to live responsibly in a finite world and working to create a fairer world

• It’s a values / visions / system thing not a subject

• It’s one of the core themes in PSE

• It’s explicit in many subjects e.g. Geography, Science, R.E

• The learning core of learning pathways 14-19 includes ‘sustainability’ as a requirement in the knowledge and understanding aspect and the attitudes and values aspect

enviro2The Seven Main Themes of ESDGC

1. Wealth & Poverty

2. Identity & Culture

3. Choices & Decisions

4. Health

5. The Natural Environment

6. Consumption & Waste

7. Climate Change

What are we doing as part of our ESDGC?
• All subjects have conducted an audit of their delivery and are required to identify where ESDGC topics are covered within their subject area.

• Community links.

• We are currently working towards accreditation for bronze / silver award for eco schools.

Eco Techs

Eco Techs is a group of students, parents, staff and governors, who work together to improve the school and the local environment. Part of their work has involved conducting a audit of the school and green-mapping in the local community, which has involved discovering and promoting places that are special and essential to the community.

These are environmentally resourceful and beautiful places that need to be restored, improved or revitalized. There was also an opportunity to green map our partner school at Busui Central College, Mbale, Uganda.

The Eco Techs are now taking a leading role in the development of the outside area of the school, which will include a sensory and heritage garden, outdoor gym and outdoor garden space, amongst other plans.

This group has also been active in the development of alternative wind energy at Tonypandy College site and have even produced a film discussing the possibilities of turbines in Tonypandy.

To view the Tonypandy Community College ESDGC Development Plan click here