European Day of Languages was celebrated in the College on Thursday 26th September.


During the registration period students enjoyed taking part in a quiz testing their knowledge of different European languages.


At lunchtime the canteen served up a variety of different food including paella, pizza and croissants with students having to guess which country that particular food came from. The canteen was brightly decorated with flags from various European countries and menus in French, Spanish and Welsh were all on display.

Key Stage 3 also took part in a taster session with food from around Europe. Year 7 students thoroughly enjoyed trying to guess where the food was from with many brave students trying olives, houmous, cheeses, pizza, tortilla and different meats.

In the Languages Department students were busy creating posters displaying greetings in other languages and the importance of learning languages in today’s society, with prizes being awarded for the best posters.


Miss T. Mein (Director of Languages)