Literacy is at the heart of the curriculum and English lessons at Tonypandy Community College are engaging, innovative and inspiring.

Staff are committed to developing relevant skills in reading, writing and oracy so that students are prepared for life beyond the classroom.

Extra-curricular opportunities in the faculty include: Youth Speaks Debate Society, Homework Club, A Book at Breakfast and Afterschool Intervention Sessions for both Key Stage Three and Four.

Year 8

Get rid of the first sentence and instead put…

Year 8 study an introduction to Shakespeare, looking at the historical, literary and cultural context of tragedies, comedies and histories.

Year 9

Can you change ‘and’ to ‘or’ regarding the study of Stone Cold or Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.

After ‘Of Mice and Men’ can you change the clause (we don’t do communication anymore) to…entering their first GCSE unit in readiness for Key Stage Four.

Key Stage Four

The first line can be changed to..

The current year 10 and 11

You can delete the 2nd paragraph as this doesn’t exist on the course any longer.

Post 16

You can delete the paragraph about year 12, as we won’t have them. For year 13 you can change it to…

The current year 13 are undertaking an individual prose study, comparing texts from both pre and post 2000. In addition they will sit 2 exams at the end of the year. One focussing on ‘King Lear’ by Shakespeare, the other on the poetry of ‘Christina Rossetti’.

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