This topic is studied by the middle sets in Year 11; while the top two sets in year 9 also have the opportunity to complete this qualification so that they would have a GCSE before they even enter Year 10.

DSC_4775In GCSE Applied Science you don’t just learn the basics of science – you also see how people use science; therefore you will study how science is used in everyday life, for example the work of food scientists, sports scientists and forensic scientists.

The topics studied include forensic science, sports science and food science.

Students studying this course will complete three coursework tasks based on:

  • a forensic science activity where you will have to apply forensic science techniques to find out who killed the headteacher
  • Investigation into how science is used in the workplace.
  • Investigation into health & safety in the workplace.

The marks for your GSCE Applied Science coursework are worth 60% of the total number of marks, so you really need to understand what is required and how to get the best marks.

During your course you will complete three pieces of work (assignments) that will make up your coursework for the qualification.

The course is divided into three units. Your work for units 1 and 3 make up the 60% coursework. Unit 2 is tested by an examination, and makes up the other 40% of the marks.

Possible career progression:
Science has a whole range of career opportunities:
Medical profession, veterinarian, dentist, pharmacist, engineer, chemist, biologist, physicist, mechanic…….the list is endless!!

Subject leader: S.Cruickshank Contact email: