This topic is usually studied by the top two sets of Year 11. This qualification is an additional separate qualification to the GCSE Science qualification studied in Year 10.

Tonypandy Community School Prospectus Photography-205Therefore, it is entirely possible to achieve a completely different grade to the science qualification from Year 10.

The module areas are:

  • Biology: Inside living cells; Energy flow; Interdependence
  • Chemistry: Synthesis of chemicals; Elements; Chemical structures; How fast reactions occur; How much energy is released in chemical reactions.
  • Physics: Speed, acceleration & forces; Energy Transfers; Radioactivity; Atomic energy

Assessment is via three module exams in biology, chemistry and physics. These  are usually sat in March for the multiple choice exam and June for the structured written paper.

However, students do have the option of completing an assignment rather than sitting the structured written paper

Further assessment is via internal assessments within the science laboratories.

Useful websites:

Possible career progression:
Science has a whole range of career opportunities:
Medical profession, veterinarian, dentist, pharmacist, engineer, chemist, biologist, physicist, mechanic…….the list is endless!!

Subject leader: S.Cruickshank Contact email: