This course is studied by a range of pupils who have an interest in Science especially Physics.

Thomas MilesPupils tend to choose it because they enjoyed the subject at GCSE and find that they have an interest in natural occurrences.

This is an interesting course that it is delivered in such a fashion to allow pupils to develop many key skill areas; e.g. literacy skills, numeracy skills, IT skills, presentation skills and team working to name but a few.

Topics covered in the AS course include quantum phenomena, alongside the usual mechanics. A2 covers topics of fields and there is an optional topic covered as part of the course.

The course consists of three models in both AS and A level. Each module is taught and examined before moving onto the next ensuring you have the best chance of achieving top grades.

Course work is taught during lesson time and assessed by your teachers providing you with maximum support.

AS topic include:

  • Particles, quantum phenomena
  • Mechanics, materials and waves

A level topics include:

  • Fields and further mechanics
  • Nuclear and thermal physics

Each section is assessed by examination in the June of each year. The practical assessment is internally marked for AS and A2

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Physics students are in demand by lots of professions from banking to engineering.

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