The GCSE PE course is based on content that will encourage students to be inspired, moved and changed by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study and to develop awareness and appreciation of their own and others’ cultures in relation to physical education.

DSC_5026GCSE PE also encourages creativity and decision-making skills to enable students to plan effectively for performances and to respond to changing situations. Students will be prepared to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

This course of study will enable students to become increasingly physically competent through being actively engaged in a range of physical activities, and to become increasingly effective in their performance in different types of physical activity and roles such as player/participant, leader and official.

Students will also develop their ability to engage independently and successfully in different types of physical activity, and to develop and maintain their involvement in physical activity as part of a healthy, active lifestyle.

There will be a range of topics covered during the GCSE PE course of study such as:

  • Healthy, Active Lifestyles
  • Your healthy and active body
  • Performance in Physical Education and Sport

Students will be assessed through an external examination at the end of the two year course lasting for 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This examination will be based on the theory units of study. Students will have to complete multiple choice, short answer and long answer questions.

In addition to this, students will also be assessed in a range of practical sports through controlled assessment by members of the Sport and PE faculty.  A sample of sports will then be externally moderated by an external examiner.

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