“Sophie-mania” stepped by a notch this week with a visit to the College and Community by a film crew from the show. 

 Laura and Martin (crew) filmed students from the College and the cluster primary schools showing their support for the YR12 student.  Banners, flyers, cards and posters were all on display as lucky students got to talk about their friendship and what it means to have a Welsh Dorothy on TV every Saturday night. 

  The film was shown on Saturdays night live show as part of Sophie’s video link. Sophie said” it’s the best feeling in the world to see so many people supporting me, you don’t get to see it here. After that video it really proves to me that people do support me. I am not going to let Tonypandy down.” 

Sophie didn’t let anyone down, giving a great performance that sees her through to the last six Dorothy’s.

Headteacher Mrs. O’Sullivan says” We are all incredibly proud of Sophie and what she has achieved.  She is a real credit to us in the College and the Community.  She is an example to us all that “dreams can come true” and she is a real inspiration and a role model to us all. In our eyes she is Dorothy!!!!”

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Team Sophie





Head during filming