Tonypandy vs. Cardiff City FC Development

The boys from Tonypandy were at home and up against Cardiff City FC Development, we had no idea what we were in store for but knew the feeling of being on our home ground was a vital advantage to us.

The first half kicked off and the weather conditions were rough, with the ball gliding across the slippery surface of the AstroTurf we knew we had to have pace on the wings to get on to any through balls that would be played over the top. That was no problem with Harri Jones in left midfield and that’s exactly who kicked off the scoring making it 1-0 to Tonypandy with a shot neatly slotted under the Cardiff keeper’s outstretched arms. With Tonypandy in the lead the midfield of Lewis Thomas and Jordan Thomas didn’t hesitate to play some top class through balls into the path of striker Liam Snowden but the Cardiff goalkeeper did his best to keep out as many shots as he could although it was only a matter of time before Tonypandy sent another goal rippling into the back of the oppositions net and it was Liam Snowden himself that brought the scoring to 2-0. With no time to spare Liam Snowden was firing another goal into the Cardiff net making it 3-0. Matthew Smith gave the Cardiff defenders trouble with his fancy footwork and precision passing and before you knew it a pass to Harri Jones resulted in a well-placed shot that beat the goal keeper and rolled into the Cardiff net which made the score 4-0 in the favour of Tonypandy. Liam Snowden controlled the ball incredibly in the opposition’s half and before you knew it he had scored his hat trick which gave Tonypandy their fifth goal of the evening. If this was a boxing match the referee would have called it off a long time ago because Cardiff were being given an absolute battering by Tonypandy, but Cardiff didn’t take their foot off the pedal and a Cardiff midfielder spotted Tonypandy’s goalkeeper John Leader off his line and went for an ambitious lofted shot from 40 yards out that had John Leader backtracking to his goal, the ball had beaten the goalkeeper but luckily went wide of the target and the Tonypandy squad breathed out a sigh of relief. Before the Cardiff boys could regroup we were on the attack again and with a textbook pass from Matthew Smith across the Cardiff box to Liam Snowden who chipped the ball over the keeper and into the bottom corner making it 6-0 to Tonypandy. The Cardiff players were producing some quick thinking one-touch passing but Tonypandy’s defenders were quick to get the ball out of the danger zone, with a direct pass from Liam Snowden to Kallum Hughes who was just outside of the Cardiff box, Kallum Hughes seen an opportunity to have a crack on goal, being the risk taker he is he put all of his power into a shot that rocketed past the Cardiff keeper and grazed across the post before rolling down the back of the net to make it 7-0. Tonypandy player Sion Richards wasn’t afraid to get in the face of the opposition and this gave him the strength to get past much of the Cardiff players but perhaps his emotions got the better of him when he fired the ball over the crossbar from just inside the box following a scuffle with a Cardiff player. Tonypandy were awarded a corner and as the ball came in it was none other than centre back hero Curtis Davies who directed the ball into the back of the net with a driven header inside the 6 yard box, this brought the score to 8-0. Tonypandy looked confident that they would keep a clean sheet but Cardiff were on the attack and goalkeeper John Leader had no choice but to come out on the lone striker and try and put some pressure on him but the Cardiff player took it around John leader, it was now down to left back Ross Thomas to keep out the ball but as he darted back to get on the line the weather conditions did not come into his favour as he couldn’t slow down quick enough to react to the Cardiff player’s shot, this resulted in Cardiff’s first and only goal and the full time whistle blew at an incredible 8-1 score to Tonypandy.


Jonathan Thomas