FOOTBALL1Tonypandy vs. Treorchy

Tonypandy were up against Treorchy who they had never beaten before, the match looked like a tough fixture for us.

The first half got under way and it was a solid start for Tonypandy with goal keeper Luke Nicholls keeping a clean sheet. Tonypandy won a corner kick, Josh Phillips whips the ball into the box and Harri Jones goes up for a header, he beats his man in the air and directs the ball past the keeper and into the Treorchy goals. With Tonypandy being 1-0 up it gave the team a massive confidence boost, following the first goal Harri Jones had a breakaway into the Treorchy box, it falls to the Treorchy keeper and as he tries to clear the ball to safety he pings it straight into his own defender’s back which resulted in an own goal, this sent Tonypandy two goals ahead, the match went into half time at 2-0.


The second half kicked off and Treorchy were getting chance upon chance but Tonypandy’s defence stood strong, Curtis Davies wasn’t afraid to put his body on the line to block any shot that was fired his way. Tonypandy won corner after corner and it was only a matter of time before we fired in another goal, a corner taken by Josh Phillips was then pounced on by the shortest man on the pitch, midfield maestro Jordan Thomas, who sent his header past the Treorchy keeper’s hands and into the back of the net, 3-0 up and the game seemed like it had been put to bed. Mr O’Brien made sure that the boys didn’t lose control of the game and wasn’t fazed by the three goal lead we had already gained. Striker John Leader was being fed the ball and made a mockery of the Treorchy keeper who he had seen was off his line, John Leader composed himself before making an outrageous attempt from 30 yards out, the ball was well and truly over the keeper but was it going over the crossbar too?  John Leader did not disappoint the home fans and the ball rippled the back of the Treorchy net, his celebration was almost as calm as the shot itself. Down the other end of the pitch Luke Nicholls wasn’t afraid to get down where the boots were to keep a well earned a clean sheet. The match finished 4-0.


Jonathan Thomas