Garth Olwg hosted the game against Tonypandy and they must have felt confident being at home but Tonypandy were ready to do what they had to do to come away with a win.

The game kicked off and Tonypandy were off to a good start, their defence held strong under pressure from Garth Olwg and the midfield were threading balls into the forwards. It didn’t take long for Tonypandy to get a goal with Matthew Smith passing it across the box to striker Liam Snowden who places the ball into the back of the Garth Olwg goal. After Tonypandy take the lead Matthew Smith threads the ball into Liam Snowden a second time but the Garth Olwg keeper has quick reactions to make the save and the score remains at 1-0. Down the other end of the pitch Garth Olwg gets through Tonpandy’s back four but goalkeeper Luke Nicholls pulls off an amazing save to keep the ball out, the pressure doesn’t ease off but defender Jacob Ovendale makes a good header to get the ball out of the danger zone and behind for a corner. Tonypandy are on the front foot once again and striker Liam Snowden chips the Garth Olwg goalkeeper but somehow a defender gets on the goal line and headers the ball out for a corner. Tonypandy lose possession and Garth Olwg are on the attack, a Garth Olwg player powers the ball past Tonypandy goalkeeper Luke Nicholls and into the back of the net to make it 1-1. The game kicks off once more and Garth Olwg soon get a free kick on the edge of the centre circle in Tonypandy’s half, with the wind behind him the player decides to have a crack on goal but the shot goes wide of the target and doesn’t challenge Luke Nicholls. Tonypandy get a chance on goal with Harri Jones pacing down the wing and crossing the ball into the danger zone for Liam Snowden to place it into the back of the net and bring the score to 2-1.


Manager Ian Smith makes the half time substitutions with Callum Thomas on for Ben Willis and Ross Thomas coming on for Kailaum Lewis. The match kicks off and Harri Jones gets a chance but cannot convert the chance into a goal and manager Ian Smith with a sympathetic grin on his face said “it’s just one of those days for Harri” and I think the winger would agree with his manager. Tonypandy are having a lot more chances in the second half but none are resulting in goals, the manager then brings off Lewis Thomas for Carn Thomas, just before Lewis Thomas sits down manager Ian Smith says to him “don’t get  too relaxed Lew, you might be going back on the pitch soon”. Tonypandy had another chance and Harri Jones whips the ball into winger John Leader who leaps up at the back post and directs his header into the top corner, the Garth Olwg goalkeeper certainly was not getting his fingertips to this shot and that goal put Tonypandy 3-1 up. Garth Olwg tried their best to get back into this game but Tonypandy goalkeeper Luke Nicholls was on form and it seemed impossible for the Garth Olwg boys to score a second goal past him as he makes another outstanding save. Tonypandy’s Liam Snowden has a crack from the corner of Garth Olwg’s box and the powerful, low strike beats the keeper but clatters into the back post and the defence clear their lines. Another substitution is made with midfielder Matthew Smith making way for the previously subbed off Lewis Thomas. Winger Harri Jones shows some dangerous footwork and has a shot at the Garth Olwg goalkeeper but he shows some good goalkeeping and successfully makes the save. The final whistle blows and Tonypandy goalkeeper Luke Nicholls has certainly played his part in this 3-1 win over Garth Olwg coming away with man of the match.


Jonathan Thomas (year 12)