On the 4th October our Yr11 GCSE Art class went on a trip to Bristol Zoo as our topic  for this term is pattern.

We visited the  Zoo to look at the different animal prints and natural patterns for inspiration for this subject. The Zoo has over 400 species of animals and so had a variety of textures for us to choose from.

During the day we saw lots of different animals like lions, monkeys, meerkat and penguins. But the best sights were in the different enclosures where you could see the patterns close up.

We especially enjoyed looking at the different textures on the scales in the reptile house.

As we walked into the butterfly enclosure, we saw a variety of patterned butterflies float around our heads, as well as getting inspiration for our art work we got to see in conditions very close to their natural habitat.

We also visited the Education Centre where we learnt about the zoo and its projects.  Laid out for us were different furs, feathers and shells to touch, live cockroaches, snails and a tortoise were brought out for us to stroke and hold.

Overall we enjoyed our trip to Bristol Zoo its has inspired our work and designs for this topic.

Hannah Light and Zenyx Griffiths