GCSE/Level 2 Threshold

Staff and students at Tonypandy Community College celebrate record exam results. The number of students achieving 5 A* – C grades at GCSE/ Level 2 has increased by 5% on 2013 to 85%.  We are especially pleased with the performance of the Maths Faculty which has seen an increase of 9% on last year’s results. With performance in English maintained at 47%.


Welsh Bacalaureate

This is the first year that all Key Stage Four students have completed the Welsh Baccalaureate and achievements have been outstanding with 84% achieving this very rigorous and prestigious qualification, with 74% at level 2 which is well above the Welsh average.

BTEC/Vocational courses have once again achieved excellent grades and have contributed significantly to the level 2 results.

Best Certificates:

Thomas Miles: 13 A* grades, 7 A grades and 1 B grades.

Laura Flook: 10 A* grades, 4 A grades and 4 B grades.

Chloe Coburn-Evans: 9 A* grades, 2 A grades and 2 B grades.

Adriana Okroi: 7 A* grades, 1 A grades and 8 B grades.

Zoe Arundell: 7 A* grades, 1 A grades and 5 B grades.

Jonathan Phipps: 7 A* grades, 1 A grades and 3 B grades.

Adam Newman: 7 A* grades, 1 A grades

Katie Hewitt: 6 A* grades, 2 A grades and 7 B grades.

Alysha Hitchings: 6 A* grades, 2 A grades and 6 B grades.

Megan Hitt: 6 A* grades, 2 A grades and 4 B grades.


Level 1 continues to improve and provide students with good qualifications to move to Post 16 courses and employment.

Year 10 pupils joined year 11 in celebrating success by obtaining their Maths GCSE.

Luisa Martin-Thomas, Assistant head 14-19 said “I am thrilled with these fantastic results.  They are well deserved.  This group of year 11 students were hard working, focussed and determined.  I am proud of all their achievements and look forward to welcoming them back to post-16 at Tonypandy Community College as they continue on their paths to a bright future.”

Head teacher, Mrs Helen O’Sullivan said “all students have worked closely with staff to secure these results – we must celebrate the achievements of students, staff and parents” adding, “with over 75% of students returning to Post 16 at Tonypandy Community College this is testimony to the College provision and the curriculum on offer.”