Press Release
Tonypandy Community College
GCSE / Level 2 Threshold
Staff and students at Tonypandy Community College celebrate the best exam results
in the College’s history. 83% of Year 11 students achieved 5 A*-C at GCSE (Level
2). This an increase of over 20% on the previous year. We are especially pleased
with the performance of the Maths faculty which has seen an increase of 12% on last
year’s results.
This is the first year that all students have followed Essential Skills courses in
preparation for the Welsh Baccalaureate and achievements have been outstanding.
Best Certificates
Rochelle Embling     8A*, 8A, 2B
Alex Flook     8A*, 5A, 2B
Suzanne Murphy     8A*, 2A, 5B, 2C
Lauren James     4A*, 6A, 4B, 1C
Zenyx Griffiths     7A, 6B, 1C
Dominic Evans      4A*, 3A, 5B, 3C
Ryan Jones      10A, 2B, 4C, 2D
Lloyd Evans      4A*, 2A, 5B, 4C
Shaun Kidner      3A*, 3A, 5B, 3C
Conor Edwards      4A*, 1A, 4B, 3C
Level 1 Threshold
Level 1 continues to improve and provide students with good qualifications to move
to Post 16 courses and employment. This year’s results at Level 1 increased by 5%
to 93%.
Headteacher, Mrs Helen O’Sullivan, has said that all students have worked closely
with staff to secure these results. We must celebrate the achievements of students,
staff and parents.
With over 75% of students returning to Post 16 at Tonypandy Community College,
this is testimony to the College provision and curriculum on offer.
The outstanding success of a core ICT provision for all students has raised student
performance and ensured they are highly skilled for the next stage in life. An
innovative vocational provision has also provided all students with additional
qualifications, many achieving A* / A.
Quotes :
Student, Alex Flook “I am really pleased with my results, I feel like a weight has
been lifted off my shoulders!”
Alex’s Mam “We are extremely proud of Alex’s results due to his fabulous work and
commitment over the last two years. The School’s the
best ever!”