As we close the doors for the final time on Tonypandy Community College I am left with the honour of not only bidding a fond farewell, but encapsulating all that it has meant to communities throughout the Mid Rhondda over the decades.

This is an impossible feat in itself, but what I can be certain of is that Tonypandy Community College and its many incarnations over the past century has succeeded in producing tens of thousands of talented, hard-working and successful individuals who have flourished in their lifetimes.

Therefore we have an obligation to not only celebrate the success of the present, but pay tribute to all those staff, governors, parents and pupils who have contributed so much across the generations.

From the early days of the original Higher Elementary Mixed School that opened in 1915 and the Grammar School that operated from 1944, the school later moved to its present site as Tonypandy Comprehensive School in 1978.

An enormous amount of people have been associated with our school over the generations because of the pivotal role it has played in nurturing the futures of an entire community.

We are moving on to a bright future as Ysgol Nantgwyn with confidence and determination to enhance our reputation as a site of first-class education and build on the successes of the past.

I am particularly delighted to say that we can be justifiably proud of the success of our final year and celebrate all that has been achieved.

Academically our students and staff have worked tirelessly and this has certainly bore fruit.

In particular those who sat GCSE and A-Level examinations have achieved outstanding results and we are proud of each and every one of them.

In a sporting context we have retained our reputation as a school that provides extensive opportunities to participate in a wide range of sports and physical activities and also compete at the highest level in schools’ competitions. There have been some stand-out performances from individuals and teams.

As always we enjoy a reputation for nurturing creativity and our recent production of Annie celebrated the talents that our students possess in the performing arts. The production was a whole-school effort with staff and students working together to produce a show that the school and community can be proud of.

Despite the changing times of the last 103 years, our prime objective as a school remains the same: to help mould and prepare students to enjoy an independent life as active citizens and professionals who contribute to a wider society.

We have provided opportunities within a broad and balanced curriculum so that each child can achieve success and can fulfil his or her potential.

Within the safe environment of our school we have developed rounded individuals socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and creatively.

We impart a sense of self-respect and confidence in every one of them so that they go on to the next chapter of their lives with the ability to stand on their own, confident and prepared.

It has without doubt been an enormous privilege to have guided Tonypandy Community College through its final year and onto its new beginning.

Finally can I take this opportunity to wish parents, staff, governors and students every success for the future.

To quote Star Trek’s Mr Spock, ”Live long and prosper!”


Nathan Prygodzicz


Tonypandy Community College