Tonypandy College Art students create Art work for the Children’s ward in the Heath Hospital in Cardiff

Working with an artist in residence Tonypandy College art students worked together to design and create a 4 panelled mural to be displayed in the children’s ward in the Heath hospital in Cardiff. Post 16 students worked closely with the artist Stephen Morse to design and produce a large colourful piece of art work to brighten up the wards in the new part of the hospital.

The students worked to a brief written by the hospital nurses on the ward along with researching other mural artist’s images to inspire their designs. The final mural was painted in acrylic on hardwood and then varnished to make it more durable. The four separate panels mean that the hospital can move the mural to different parts of the ward if they need to in the future.

Alongside the mural the sixth form students produced a number of display boards as part of their personal project for their Art and Design A-Level coursework and worked with KStage 3 classes to help younger students experience working on such a large scale. The mural is to be displayed on the hospital ward later this year.