Year 12 OCR Nationals in ICT Level 3
Both Unit 1 & 2 had the deadline of 21st December. Due to school closure for bad weather these deadlines have been moved to Monday 18th January. Help sheets and detailed guidance are on the website and the “wiki-spaces”. Students must endeavour to complete all tasks as there will be no further extension.

Students who have completed Units 1 & 2 should attempt Unit 3 which is also on the ICT section of the website

Year 11 ICT
Students must use the relevant help sheets to attempt Units 22:Sound and 23:Video. software “audacity” and “movie maker” can be downloaded for free for use with each of the units.

Deadline for units started in class is Friday 22nd Jan. Any student with work still to complete needs to use the help sheets and attend the additional sessions after school next week.