Students from the College Post 16 Horticultural group planted  plants in the garden surronding the newly restored Lady of The Lamp statue today (5.11.2010) putting to great use their newly gained skills.

During the summer students had attended a workshop with a local artist  on the design of the planters and seats  that surround the statue.

The Lady of The Lamp was unveiled by Mr W Abraham (Mabon) MP on October 28th 1909. The fountain was erected in memory of the late Archibold Hood JP, founder of the Glamorgan Collieries.  The 13ft cast iron statue depicts an Egyptian water carrier supporting a lamp.  For many years she could be found in the road at Pandy sq, before being hit by a car ion the 1960’s

The RhonddaCivic Trust, with the support of RCT, were able to restore the statue  to it former glory and its official opening will take place on Sunday 7th November as part of the 2010 Commerative events.