• The College offers a continuum of provision to meet a diversity of pupils’ needs. Although a number of classes are mixed ability, class teachers have the flexibility to set smaller ability groups, within their class, for literacy and numeracy.

    Additional in-class support is available in learning support classes and is provided by learning support assistants ( LSAs).

    This additional support is targeted at individual groups of pupils who are improving on their basic literacy and communication skills.

    The College also provides mentors to support those pupils who are experiencing difficulties in their personal lives, as well as working with gifted and talented pupils.

  • Pastoral Support Programmes are designed to support young people who are at risk of permanent exclusion or young people who are at risk of becoming disaffected through repeated fixed-term exclusions.

    The PSP addresses the inclusion of young people with challenging behaviour from a range of perspectives.

    Targets are set for both the young person and for the range of agencies involved with the young person.

    Key to this process is the regular review of the PSP that enables close monitoring of the young person within the school environment.

    It cannot be over-stressed that the pastoral care of all our pupils is the responsibility of the whole community.

    The way we treat, talk to, interact with and indeed teach pupils will all contribute to the quality of our pastoral care.

  • Our aim is to prevent bullying of any sort and to ensure that everyone can operate in a supportive, caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.

    All members of the College have an understanding of what bullying is and are familiar with our policy to help members of the school community to deal with bullying when it occurs and, more importantly, to prevent it.

    Bullying is an anti-social behaviour which affects everyone; it is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated.

    Everyone has a responsibility to report any incident of bullying that comes to their attention and these reports will always be taken seriously.

  • We pride ourselves in being an inclusive college and welcome applications from students with disabilities.

    We have a proven track record of effective working with disabled students who have gone on to achieve great success.

    If your child has a disability, then we can discuss his or her needs and will do all in our power to ensure we meet those needs professionally and confidently.

  • The College firmly believes that positive steps must be taken to overcome inequality and to promote genuine equality of opportunity for all.

    Respect must be shown to all members of society regardless of race, gender, disability, ability, creed or class.

    We have a system in place to ensure the best possible progress, welfare and guidance of all students when they come to the College.