At Tonypandy Community College we pride ourselves on our excellent Learning and Teaching, and our innovative practices to engage, enthuse and challenge our students.

IMG_2690Over the past three years we have developed the “Learn 2 Learn” programme into our Key Stage 3 and this is having a significant impact upon standards of learning and teaching throughout the College.

In the College we have a Learning and Teaching Group that share professional practices and ideas to continue the rise in standards. Information on this group can be found here.

We constantly strive to develop innovative learning and teaching strategies to ensure that;

  • We continue to raise standards
  • Students are motivated and prepared to learn
  • Staff are highly skilled professionals.

We believe that ‘powerful learning’ is the ability of learners to respond successfully to the tasks that they are set as well as the tasks they set themselves – in particular to:

  • Integrate prior and new knowledge
  • Acquire and use a range of learning skills
  • Solve problems individually and in groups
  • Think carefully about their successes and failures
  • Evaluate conflicting evidence and to think critically
  • Accept that learning involves uncertainty and difficulty.

That is why we are committed to teaching the skills that will turn our students into ‘lifelong learners’ and prepare them for the challenges of working life ahead.

Skills development are an important part of how our students achieve the success they do at Tonypandy Community College. As such we place a great deal of emphasis on skill acquistion from Year 7 onwards.

We run cross curricular skills days throughout the year which develop everything from sports skills with our pess festival and sports day to our literacy and ICT skills with our Alien Crash Day.

In year 7 all students receive a dedicated 5 hours a fortnight on skills teaching where they learn the importance of team work, how to develop their own learning and other important skills.