Website Update Week Beginning 23.3.15

Dear Parent / Guardian

Attendance is on target to meet the 93.2%. Last week’s attendance was very good and students and parents should be congratulated.  With a good week this week, we should get to just over 93%.  Congratulations to all!  Spot prizes are still being awarded so please ensure you have your ‘Pasqport’ and stickers updated and in your bag at all times.

Key Stage 3 – BBC Project

Students from KS3 participated in a Nation wide BBC Reporters Project. All students  fully enjoyed the experience and were fortunate enough to work with a Producer/Director from S4C (Thanks to Dr Griffiths connections). Students were commended on their engagement commitment and excellent behaviour. Well done to all who took part. Once again you have represented yourselves and the College well.


Attendance to Friday must be a priority as selected students will access some additional Learning opportunities. Petxi will work with a group of students to develop skills to support them in the Summer exams. Intervention continues and some students will also have mock exams. Continued work to June will ensure all students meet their target grades.

Post 16 Reports

Reports will be with parents by Friday. Initial checking of reports indicate that the majority of students have made good progress.

Easter Egg Collection 2105

This Year the donation of Easter eggs has been overwhelming. To date nearly 200 eggs have been donated and these will be distributed to children top children and parents  in long term wards in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital this week.

Thank you to Mrs Richings for once again leading this project and all the students who have supported here. Once again our students and the Tonypandy Community demonstrate their generosity and kindness.

Year 10 Work Experience

All years 10 are out on work experience. We hope they have a good week.


The College breaks up for Easter at 3 pm on Friday 27th March . All students are required to return on Monday 13th April 2015.

May I take this opportunity to this opportunity of thanking you for your continued support and wish you a happy Easter.


As always if you have any concerns or issues please contact the College.

Yours sincerely

Helen O’Sullivan                                Mr E Griffiths

Headteacher                                      Chair of Governors