Zebby from SOA (Share An Opportunity)  Uganda spent the day in the college this week giving students an insight into life in her home country as well as information on “The Goat Project”.

Readers of this site will remember that the College fundraised monies during 2009/2010 to puchase a number of goats to support families in our link community in Mbale. Pictures can be found in the College Reception area of the communities and our  link school Busui Central College.

This year will are asking students and staff to contribute any small change to our ” Pennies for Goats Campaign” . Collection points can be found in the library, reception and community room and we have already collected £12.00 in just two days. Students can see how much money we are rasining as each point has a  “Goat- O- Meter”  that moves up a scale to the ultimate target to purchase a goat.

As a College we are also supporting our link community by collecting baby, toddler and baby clothes donations can be made via the Community room and out Communities First partners in Llwynypia.  for more information please contact the College on 436171.

More information on Pont can be found at http://pont-mbale.org.uk