Students from Tonypandy Community  College and cluster primary schools took part in a march through Tonypandy today, to commemorate the dramatic events of the miners’ strike of November 1910.

Later this year will see the 100 year anniversary of the now infamous “Tonypandy Riots” when striking miners clashed with Police resulting in damage to shops and causing injury to many of those involved.

Today (22nd September) students gathered to commemorate the events of 1910 which involved marching the same historic route the miners themselves marched 100 years ago.  A short service of remembrance was held in the centre of Dunraven St during which a minutes silence was held for those whose health suffered and whose lives were lost in the mining of coal, so that others could enjoy comfort, heat and power.

The event was well reported on by BBC Wales and ITV Wales, teachers and students alike were on hand to give their report to the broadcasters of what the event meant for them and the community of Tonypandy.

The march will also feature in a Green Bay TV production for the BBC to be shown during the anniversary week later this year.

Mrs O Sullivan Headteacher said “The opportunity to involve students in this event was wonderful it enhanced their understanding of their heritage and community. Everyone, students, staff and volunteer valued the experience and it will remain with us all for a very long time. Tonypandy Community College were honoured to take part in this unique event.”

This is one of many community projects the College has undertaken in recent months that ensures that students gain a deeper understanding of their community. The College mission statement is “Learning together To Achieve Success” and this project has been a great example of that.

 students on march2