Lord Mervyn Davies paid a visit to Tonypandy Community College to meet some of our year 9 and 10 students. Lord Davies gave a very interesting talk about his life and career and having grown up in a small town in North Wales, he is very aware of the challenges faced by young people in this country.

Lord Davies gave a very clear message about staying positive, he spoke to our students to find out who in the audience felt they were a “glass-full” kind of person and challenged those who confessed they were not.

The students were very interested in Lord Davies’ involvement with Tottenham Hotspur football club where he was a member of the board during the time when Gareth Bale was signed- he told a very interesting story about having lunch with Mr Bale and his father when Gareth had faced a potentially career damaging injury.

Overall, Lord Mervyn Davies is a fantastic example of how having a positive outlook, taking risks and working hard can open so many doors. In his own words – unless you are too short to be a football player – you can do anything.