At the beginning of September students at Tonypandy Community College were invited to take part in an Art project to paint and illustrate one of Max Boyce’s songs. We were invited by the Rhondda Heritage Park along with two other local schools to take part in the project to form an exhibition called ‘Boyce Zone’, which was on displayed in an exhibition last month.

Students have worked studiously on this project since September. They have researched the project and song ‘Rhondda Grey’ thoroughly; writing to well known Welsh artists Kevin Sinnott, Iwan Gwyn Parry and Ogwyn Davies who were happy to offer advice and guidance to the students. In addition the students took part in an artist workshop with up and coming Welsh artist Liam O’Connor who was heralded as ‘one to watch in 2010’ by the Western Mail. Eight students in total submitted work for the exhibition and it was with pride and excitement that students and parents attended the exhibition opening last Thursday.

Little did we know that there was a prize to be awarded and chosen by Max Boyce for the work which he felt illustrated his songs the most successfully. Originally just one work was to be chosen but eventually Boyce could not choose just one of the many works on display. We are very pleased to announce that the first prize was awarded to a joint entry by Leah Hughes, Kyle Povey and Gabrielle Shallish and in joint second prize Gabrielle Shallish was once again chosen, alongside a student from Aberdare boys, for a piece she had made herself.