We would like to wish everybody sitting the English Literature Exam on Monday morning the very best of luck; we are so proud of the effort that you have put into revising in lessons, after school and at home. We feel absolutely confident that you will do exceptionally well in this exam! We only ask that you do your best: this is always good enough for us here at TCC 🙂
A special shout out and extra good luck to some Year 9s who are sitting the exam TWO YEARS EARLY! This is the first cohort of Year 9 who we feel are ready and mature enough to pass this exam so prematurely. Well done – you have made TCC history!
Lastly, remember that revision will begin from 7.30am on Monday morning in the English department if you want to go over a few last minute tips and have some healthy breakfast before you go into that exam.
Of course, we hope you will spend some time revising over the weekend, but don’t overdo it and stress yourself out as you won’t remember anything. Have a balance of revision and rest: that will be key to passing on Monday morning.
Da iawn, pawb!
Miss Sutherland, Mrs. Harvey and all of Team English!