On Tuesday 4th November and following some vital final preparation for their exam the following day some Yr11 received some unexpected mail.  Behind the scenes Mrs Downey and Miss Beasley had worked extremely hard in order to make operation ‘message of support’ possible.  Simply it was an opportunity for loved ones to write a short note to their son/daughter in support as they prepared to sit their GCSE Maths exam. Enter Mrs Martin-Thomas and Mr. Davies to delver the messages of support.  At first students were unsure what to expect but soon smiles and in some cases tears came about as students read their messages.  The whole process of seeing students read the thoughts of there loved ones really helped show students of Tonypandy Community College the support structure they have not only at the College but at home as well. Year 11 will be sitting their Maths on Wednesday 5th November, following soon by Paper 2 on Monday 10th November 2014.  English comes in the New Year, so heads down Year 11. Regards, Mr. Davies