The council are looking to improve safety on home to school transport and are introducing new colour coded bus passes.  The new passes will be colour coded to correspond with the coloured bus sign for each route making it easier for students to recognise the correct bus and for drivers to recognise the correct passengers.

These passes will be distributed to students in school next week (24th – 28th Jan).  Students will be required to hand in their old pass and sign for the new one.

As of 31st January, students without the correct coloured pass will be unable to travel on the bus. Students will have to show their pass to the driver EVERY TIME they get on the bus.  NO PASS NO TRAVEL.  If students do not have their pass, it is the Parent’s responsibility to provide alternative transport home for them.

You will find details of the bus timetables with additional information on school transport the Council’s website at Please ring 01443 494700 if any replacement passes are required or for further information.  Replacement passes may be supplied at a cost of £5.