Post 16 News

As part of the Welsh baccalaureate qualification, post 16 students will be supporting the operation Christmas Child Appeal. In each registration class, students will be assigned groups and will then fill a shoe box with a selection of toys and toiletry items. These will then be sent all around the world to less fortunate children in time for Christmas.

Last year, nearly 1.1 million shoeboxes were donated to the charity, and this year the college is proud to be making a contribution.

Other News:

Over half term, there have been a few modifications made to the school. All of the girls are now very pleased as brand new mirrors have been put up in our recently renovated toilets. Also, new graffiti art boards have been put up around the school, and are capturing everyone’s attention with their bright and bold colours.

Finally, good luck to all of the students with exams over the next few.

Rochelle Embling